Lately Winston has been super active (aka loopy) right before bed so we've been having a lot of fun and giggling nonstop. This is what that playtime looks like:


That's right- it's all a blur! You can't hold still when you're having this much fun! In the last photo W is actually standing by himself, though you might not be able to tell. He's been letting go of things on his own more and more and can balance himself for several seconds before he falls.

Tonite I did manage to get a couple of photos that aren't blurry. I discovered that W now knows what to do when I say "Smile!" Twice tonite he stopped what he was doing, looked up at the camera and gave me a huge smile when I said it. I can't believe how much I love this babe!!!

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  1. I love these pictures they really capture his personality. Such a fun little guy!