24 Weeks - I'm an avocado

This past week I have been eating a lot of avocado and every time I do Tyler scrunches up his face at me as if to say "gross!" I keep telling him that avocado is "healthy fat" for me and the baby.

Saturday morning I discovered that my favorite pair of shorts no longer fit around my baby bump, and I was a little disappointed- no one likes being too fat to fit their favorite clothes no matter the reason. But Tyler, in an effort to cheer me up said, "It's okay, cause it's healthy fat... (pause) ...you're an avocado!" He has been affectionately calling me his little avocado ever since. And, luckily, he likes this avocado :)


Colorado Re-cap

Tyler and I spent a couple days in Denver prior to the annual Turner ski trip in Aspen. While we were there we stayed at my best friend Monica's parent's home in Aurora and were lucky enough to get 19 inches of snow!! I say lucky, though Tyler might tell you something different since we did have to shovel a driveway for the first time ever. But, it was so so so beautiful and I could've sat by the window all day watching it! Everything looks better covered in some sparkly white snow if you ask me!

Pretty snowfall in front of the Fiala's house.

Evergreen trees and fences laden with lots of fluffy snow!

We also had the opportunity to drive out to Greeley, CO, which is where I was born and spent the first 11 years of my life before moving to Hawaii. I hadn't been back since we moved and it was fun to see what has changed and what is still the same.

The bell tower at my elementary school.

Our old church building- it was exactly as I remembered it, inside and out!

Our old home- a few trees, some kids, and some toys were definitely missing.

The "big" bridge at Epple Park (down the street from our old house). Somehow almost everything was much smaller than I'd remembered.

We also stopped by the temple to take a few pictures- sooo pretty!!

After our fun in Denver we headed over to Aspen to meet up with Tyler's family for ski week. I, of course, did not ski this year, but took the time to enjoy some more snowy weather. Unfortunately, the week ended with a bad stomach flu, so hopefully things go a little better next year.

This is the only photo I took while in Snowmass/Aspen. Our main camera lens was in the shop, so all I had was our mega zoom lens and it was too hard trying to get photos when I had to back up like a hundred feet to get it all in. Maybe next time we'll get some better ones.

Happy Valentine's Day!

How cute is this "My Heart Beats For You" pillow case? I may just have to grab it for Tyler cause that's exactly how I feel about him!

I have to apologize to all the other women in the world today, because I have the best husband ever!! No, he did not surprise me with breakfast in bed, chocolates and flowers this morning. But he did make another early morning market run to help me find something that will stay in my stomach for more than a couple of hours. And he didn't complain about me waking him up numerous times in the middle of the nite because I was going to throw up or because I was having bad dreams and my back was in pain, again. I've been suffering through a horrible stomach flu for the past couple of days and he's been the best doctor, masseuse, shnuggler, and distract-er one could ask for. I think that's true love :)

So, Happy Valentine's Day Tyler! I love you to the next galaxy and back!!

P.S. If you follow the link there are several more really cute lovey-dovey gifts to peruse.