"Live! From San Antonio, Texas!!"

Reasons why I loved San Antonio:
  1. Although I've never much cared for Spanish-influenced design, they pull it off. Old and new buildings have this sweet Spanish charm that just fits in so well there and almost makes you want to live in a little adobe hut- but not quite :)
  2. San Antonio is a big city, with a small town feel. It is not dominated by skyscrapers and the lifestyle there is very much country still.
  3. Despite how hot it is, there is still a lot of greenery. Most of photos seem to be dominated by bright green plant-life and it looks beautiful.
  4. "Miss Congeniality," which was filmed here, is what first put San Antonio on the map for me. I couldn't help quoting it the whole time we were there and, much to Tyler's chagrin, for the two or three weeks before I left as well. We even tried to watch the movie one nite while in San Antonio, but alas, the hotel room had no DVD player :( No worries though, cause I bought the movie the day after I got back home :)
  5. It is home to the first annual Lowe Girls' Trip!! Get excited, cause this will not be a one-hit-wonder!!
I filtered through my photos about seven times and I still posted way too many so, before continuing on, prepare for a visual overload. Okay.... go!

"Remember The Alamo!" - Emily, Amy and I all enjoyed seeing the small, old mission and I finally learned what actually happened there too :)

San Antonio LDS Temple - We all loved the stain glass windows and the views from the hill the temple was built on.

King William Historic District - Emily and I wandered around the old mansion district Sunday afternoon. The houses were absolutely gorgeous!

Spanish Governor's Palace - Emily and I also visited this tiny adobe palace Sunday afternoon. It was full of Spanish charm and in the back were some beautiful gardens.

Shelby May (6 mos) - Bibi tagged along with us and was such a trooper. It was about 104 degrees one afternoon and she was sweating up a storm, but she was fun to have around.


The Riverwalk

Alright, it appears as though I have way too many photos from San Antonio that I want to post, so I'm going to separate them into a couple different posts. The first one is simply 'The Riverwalk.'

Before I left for San Antonio my Pa told me to make sure that I went running along the water early in the morning before the crowds came in - Best. Idea. Ever. I headed out just a little after six in the morning and the run/photo shoot was easily one of my favorite moments of the trip (if only I could have gotten Emily and Amy out of bed to accompany me). It was already pretty warm, but not hot, and being right next to the water made it a little cooler. I first took a ton of photos because I couldn't help myself and I wasn't sure how soon people would start wandering about, seeing as there are plenty of hotels lining The Riverwalk. After I ran I had to go grab my camera again and get a few more photos of some of the places I ran by. It really is so pretty and so charming. I loved it!

Again, sorry that there are so many photos, but I really couldn't pick just two or three. Enjoy!

This little Mexican restaurant is the most photographed part of The Riverwalk, and where Emily, Amy and I ate lunch.

This is the stage where they filmed the swimsuit competition in "Miss Congeniality."