Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was pretty low-key for us this year. When Winston woke up I brought him downstairs to find a special Valentine's gift: a new red ball and a box full of sweets! We also gave Koa a new stuffed animal to chew on. Most of the day we spent as usual; running errands and cleaning up the house. I did sit outside and enjoy the 75 degree weather while eating chocolate chip cookies during Winston's nap, and that might have been the highlight. I think I'm pregnant... or maybe that's just me :)

Tyler came home early and surprised me with flowers and a new spot cleaner! Then we all went out to Jamba Juice to celebrate since we still aren't ready to leave Koa alone for too long. Afterwards Winston went to a friends house to play and eat pizza while Tyler and I caught a movie. Nothing too romantic, but it was still special.

You can tell by this series of photos that Winston was pretty excited to have a box of candy all to himself...
Open it!

I opened two of the Hershey kisses for him to eat before breakfast & when he asked for more I said no. Then I thought he was finishing eating those two for a while before I realized he had figured out how to open them himself & had eaten about eight. Lucky boy got a special holiday breakfast :)

Cool boy with his very own Jamba



 8 lbs. (The first time I held Winston he was 8 lbs. too :)

We have a new puppy! We brought Koa home Saturday and we already love him so much. He is an eight-week-old Toller and is very mellow as far as puppies go. He and Winston already love each other (Winston probably loves him a tad more...). He is still peeing all over the house, but hopefully we'll have him trained soon. He goes to bed great at night (no whining), but he does wake up once in the early morning to go potty. He is super cute and shnuggly and we're excited to have him join our family!
Winston's always putting his hand out for Koa to lick. He also gives Koa kisses on the nose and doesn't like to let him nap.... Oh, and if Koa has a bone, Winston has to have one too.
 Beautiful red coat
 He has pale blue eyes and a pink nose right now. His nose will stay pink, but his eyes will turn brown eventually.
 Sleeping in the sun; puppy heaven.
Best friends- I saw them sitting like this while I did the dishes this morning.



18 week bump- baby girl due July 4th!