Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was pretty low-key for us this year. When Winston woke up I brought him downstairs to find a special Valentine's gift: a new red ball and a box full of sweets! We also gave Koa a new stuffed animal to chew on. Most of the day we spent as usual; running errands and cleaning up the house. I did sit outside and enjoy the 75 degree weather while eating chocolate chip cookies during Winston's nap, and that might have been the highlight. I think I'm pregnant... or maybe that's just me :)

Tyler came home early and surprised me with flowers and a new spot cleaner! Then we all went out to Jamba Juice to celebrate since we still aren't ready to leave Koa alone for too long. Afterwards Winston went to a friends house to play and eat pizza while Tyler and I caught a movie. Nothing too romantic, but it was still special.

You can tell by this series of photos that Winston was pretty excited to have a box of candy all to himself...
Open it!

I opened two of the Hershey kisses for him to eat before breakfast & when he asked for more I said no. Then I thought he was finishing eating those two for a while before I realized he had figured out how to open them himself & had eaten about eight. Lucky boy got a special holiday breakfast :)

Cool boy with his very own Jamba

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