Turner Ski Trip 2014

For the last week of February we headed up to Utah for the annual Turner Ski Week. Formerly these trips have always taken place in Aspen, CO, but this year we all spent the week at Tyler's mom's new cabin in Midway, UT and did the skiing there. Unfortunately, the skiing was not great. The weather was a balmy 65 degrees for the first half of the week, and rainy and wet for the second half. Tyler still managed to ski four days and I fit in half a day.

The good thing about going to Utah though, is all the family, friends, and favorite places you get to see. We spent lots of time with both mine and Tyler's families, saw a few friends and I got to roam Provo a couple of times (which is awesome because I truly do love Provo, UT). I took very few pictures on the trip and several of them are from my phone, so I apologize for the quality. Sometimes you're just having too much fun to stop for a good photo :)

Some of the awesome things we did:

1. Skied with my sister Jenny (it was only her second time and she was pretty awesome).
2. Ate at J Dawgs (twice!), Cafe Zupas, & Cafe Rio.
3. Winston became obsessed with a ping-pong ball & paddle.
4. Went to the BYU Bookstore and picked up some new cougar gear and books (because, of course).
5. Went to the Springville Antique Mall with my mom and it blew my mind! I picked up some vintage cookie jars and a vintage toy we had growing up.
6. Found some awesome steals at the outlets.
7. Sealed my mom to her parents at the Salt Lake City Temple :)
8. Visited the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point with some L.A. friends.
9. Went on a double date with Jessie & Marcus to The Pie.
10. Played with family... lots.

 Tyler & Jenny on the slopes
 Playing around with Jenny... she probably fell right after this photo was taken :)
 I know this photo makes Tyler sooooo happy!
 While picking out a BYU shirt for Winston, I turned around and saw he had picked something else out :)

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