Thanks to Sarah for making this fun graphic for us!

Saturday Tyler and I spent the entire day at Disneyland with the London crew and it was sooooo much fun!! I loved seeing everyone from London again and I forgot how much fun Disneyland is! Favorites: Indiana Jones ride (especially the first time when we had a stranger in our car), Hollywood Tower of Terror (the one that Tyler just giggled on the whole time), Space Mountain (the one that Jillian and I just giggled on the whole time), and Soarin' Over California (though it made me want to dip my toes in the warm ocean sooo bad). It was a little rainy, so towards the end of the day the rides were a little more cold and we were a little more wet, but we stuck it out for a while and it was totally worth it.

Sunday evening I spent some more time with the Londoners and we celebrated Alyssa's birthday. I really miss these guys and hopefully I can go see them all again in Utah before Jillian leaves us for her Texas mission- so sad, but so awesome!! Cheers!!

All of us hanging out on the Toontown Trolley

Jumping around in California Adventure


Boston Revisited

Not much is happening in the house of Turner these days- Tyler goes to work and I stay home. I have, however, applied to a gazillion jobs and have had a few interviews, so hopefully I'll be working soon. In the meantime I thought I'd do a post on something more exciting- Boston!

Tyler and I visited Boston and a few other parts of New England a year and a half ago for our first anniversary and absolutely loved it!! Unfortunately, this all happened before I became a blogger so all my photos from the trip have been kept hidden. I won't go into too many details other than we loved the East Coast, especially the beauty and charm of small towns like Plymouth and Chatham out on the Cape, and we definitely want to go back some day.

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

The North End- where you'll find all the Italians and the best Italian food in Boston

Cape Cod- sooo different from Hawaii beaches

Lexington- where the famous battle took place

The Boston Temple

The main mast of the Mayflower

Plymouth Rock- the rock the pilgrims actually touched down on was much bigger than this :)

The Breakers Mansion at Newport, RI- amazing!!

Memorial bench for those killed during the Salem Witch Trials- I always found this story interesting

Pier in Salem, MA just outside Nathaniel Hawthorne's house

Pretty covered bridge in the New Hampshire countryside

Entrance to Joseph Smith Jr.'s birthplace and the famous sign (for those who know)

The old seats still in use at Fenway

Entrance to the maple trees at Sugarbush Farm in New Hampshire- we had the most amazing maple syrup, candy and homemade cheese and jam here