Thanks to Sarah for making this fun graphic for us!

Saturday Tyler and I spent the entire day at Disneyland with the London crew and it was sooooo much fun!! I loved seeing everyone from London again and I forgot how much fun Disneyland is! Favorites: Indiana Jones ride (especially the first time when we had a stranger in our car), Hollywood Tower of Terror (the one that Tyler just giggled on the whole time), Space Mountain (the one that Jillian and I just giggled on the whole time), and Soarin' Over California (though it made me want to dip my toes in the warm ocean sooo bad). It was a little rainy, so towards the end of the day the rides were a little more cold and we were a little more wet, but we stuck it out for a while and it was totally worth it.

Sunday evening I spent some more time with the Londoners and we celebrated Alyssa's birthday. I really miss these guys and hopefully I can go see them all again in Utah before Jillian leaves us for her Texas mission- so sad, but so awesome!! Cheers!!

All of us hanging out on the Toontown Trolley

Jumping around in California Adventure


  1. loooooove!!
    don't worry, y'all.
    my big fat post is coming. it shall be epic.

  2. kate!!!! i had no idea you had a blog...i just found it today. so, i'll probably be blog-stalking you in the future :) i miss you! we need to get together...phoenix and LA are not that far from each other! i'm glad you're doing well! love you! love, nee