21 mos

 Winston and Tyler jet-skiing over the weekend. He couldn't get enough of the 'boat'

It's time for another Winston post because he has grown up sooo much in the past few months and Tyler and I seriously cannot get over what a cute little boy he is. There is no way I can possibly post everything he is up to, but hopefully I'll catch all the highlights.

 Winston with his green muffin and gold coins on St. Patrick's Day. He looks so old to me in this photo :(
  • He loves wearing baseball caps like Daddy.
  • Whenever you say you're going to do something or go somewhere he says "too!" because he wants to come along.
  • His favorite song at bedtime is "I Love to See the Temple", and if you start singing any other song he looks you in the eye and says, "No, no. Do." (like 'dough', which means temple).
  • He LOVES to ride his scooter and is really good at it. He has pretty amazing balance for his age.
  • We moved him to a twin bed a couple of weeks ago and the transition could not have been smoother. He stays put at night and for naps and doesn't get off until I come to get him. When he's awake his favorite game is to run down the hall, into the bedroom, and then belly flop on the bed :)
  • He loves to wrestle with Koa, even if Koa doesn't always...
  • He is climbing everything these days.
  • I can't possibly count all the words he is saying now, but he does often put two words together, the most often being "up high" when he's climbing or standing on top of the centimeters-high dirt mound in the backyard. Some of our favorite words are pizza- tipitipi, yep- yeppa, yellow- lellow, basketball hoop- shoot, swaddle- schau, and airplane- brrrmmm.
  • He loves to read by himself now and I'll find him in his room flipping through books reading aloud. It's all jibber-jabber until he sees something he knows and then he says that word excitedly.
  • He calls all animals by the sound they make (i.e. a duck is a 'quack, quack').
  • He favorite fun songs are "Popcorn" or 'pop,pop' and "Wheels on the Bus" or 'beep,beep'. He does all the actions for both songs and sings most of "Popcorn", but he only sings the "all through the town" part of "Wheels on the Bus".
  • He knows the colors red, blue, yellow and green, but he is definitely obsessed with blue.
  • He has about 20 variations to his yes and no. His voice fluctuation is spot on and you always know how he's feeling by the way he says the word.
  • When he takes a drink he does "Bottoms up!", aka he wants everyone to be drinking while he is drinking.
  • We had a couple of super cold weeks combined with either a sick mama or a sick baby, so we ended up watching a least part of a movie everyday and it had to be AristoCats. He would ask for it by meowing and he still talks about it all the time even if we haven't watched for a couple of weeks. He called Thomas O'Malley 'Bear' and loved when the cats would sing :)
  • When we put him in bed at night we tell him mama and daddy love him and then he asks if the baby loves him, and if Jesus loves him, and if Koa loves him. On occasion he also wants to know if Pa, Granna, Jenny and Ben love him too :)
  • He loves pointing out pictures of Jesus at church and at home.
  • He wants Koa to come with him where ever he goes and calls to him saying, "Ko, Ko!" really loud.
  • He is still a ball man. He loves to throw them high, punt them, and shoot hoops.
  • He likes to run at top speed to us and get picked up and squeezed :)
  • He likes to help buckle himself into his carseat and highchair now.
  • Whenever he thinks he's hurt you or you're upset he looks very closely into your face and says, "Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?" as if to say, "We good?"
  • The things he asks to see a million times a day are the moon, airplanes, blue anything, and Elliot (his buddy from church/neighborhood/L.A.).
  • Before his nap and before bed he blows to kisses to the pictures of Jesus and the baby (himself) on the wall in his room.
  • When he knows he's doing something he's not supposed to and you catch him he avoids looking you in the eye.
  • His favorite foods are probably milk, cheerios, berries, yogurt, and pasta.
  • He likes to put one arm around dadda and one arm around mama for big family hugs all the time.
  • He is super ticklish and will say, "no, no!" if you start to tickle him, but when you stop he usually asks for more :)
  • If you ask him where the baby is he'll point to my tummy and sometimes give it a kiss.
  • He is still very OCD and picks up trash everywhere, asks for a towel to clean things, likes his toys/books put away in the right spots, etc.
I feel like there is soooo much more about him that I want to remember right now, but I just can't think of it all. I'll probably add stuff to this post for the next couple of days just for my own record keeping. But really he is just the best and so sweet and we know he's going to love being a big brother!



After succumbing to the pressure of friends, I joined Instagram a few weeks ago. I'm totally technologically challenged and I'm still figuring out how to use it most of the time, but as a result I've taken a few more photos on my phone than usual. It's kind of fun because the photos show a little more daily life than I would normally record with a camera. I thought I'd post a bunch of the photos I've taken recently for those of you who don't have Instagram.

*Disclaimer: this is a major photo dump because there were just too many cute pictures, though I definitely did not post all of these to Instagram.

Tuckered boy; the first fire in our first fireplace; W insisted on putting a sticker on his cheek & then forgot all about it :)
Winston & I surprised Daddy at work with some pink 'It's a girl!' balloons the morning we got the news. [We've been working on it, & I think W can finally smile without closing his eyes]

Bundled up for another 20 degree day; partying with no pants cause it's 70 degrees & the day after the first photo was taken

The day we brought Koa home

Winston had a cold that turned into pneumonia & he had to use a nebulizer 3 times a day for 5 days. Luckily, AristoCats and some post-nebulizing Hershey kisses got us through.

Watching for 'brrrms' (airplanes); 'found one! '; 'where did they all go?'

The best crafts are the kind you eat :)


24 week selfie

Awesome bedhead; just reading some books (which is soooo cute to see)

Clearly Dad and W were paying attention while I was reading scriptures... 

My cute boy enjoying some fine weather and a chocolate chip cookie

W spends most of his days speeding around on his scooter right now

 This photo might be my favorite right now- Winston was making sure Koa ate his dinner & a second after I took this picture W turned around & proudly showed me that he was eating dogfood too! I couldn't help but smile and tell him how awesome he is :)


Turner Ski Trip 2014

For the last week of February we headed up to Utah for the annual Turner Ski Week. Formerly these trips have always taken place in Aspen, CO, but this year we all spent the week at Tyler's mom's new cabin in Midway, UT and did the skiing there. Unfortunately, the skiing was not great. The weather was a balmy 65 degrees for the first half of the week, and rainy and wet for the second half. Tyler still managed to ski four days and I fit in half a day.

The good thing about going to Utah though, is all the family, friends, and favorite places you get to see. We spent lots of time with both mine and Tyler's families, saw a few friends and I got to roam Provo a couple of times (which is awesome because I truly do love Provo, UT). I took very few pictures on the trip and several of them are from my phone, so I apologize for the quality. Sometimes you're just having too much fun to stop for a good photo :)

Some of the awesome things we did:

1. Skied with my sister Jenny (it was only her second time and she was pretty awesome).
2. Ate at J Dawgs (twice!), Cafe Zupas, & Cafe Rio.
3. Winston became obsessed with a ping-pong ball & paddle.
4. Went to the BYU Bookstore and picked up some new cougar gear and books (because, of course).
5. Went to the Springville Antique Mall with my mom and it blew my mind! I picked up some vintage cookie jars and a vintage toy we had growing up.
6. Found some awesome steals at the outlets.
7. Sealed my mom to her parents at the Salt Lake City Temple :)
8. Visited the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point with some L.A. friends.
9. Went on a double date with Jessie & Marcus to The Pie.
10. Played with family... lots.

 Tyler & Jenny on the slopes
 Playing around with Jenny... she probably fell right after this photo was taken :)
 I know this photo makes Tyler sooooo happy!
 While picking out a BYU shirt for Winston, I turned around and saw he had picked something else out :)