The Riverwalk

Alright, it appears as though I have way too many photos from San Antonio that I want to post, so I'm going to separate them into a couple different posts. The first one is simply 'The Riverwalk.'

Before I left for San Antonio my Pa told me to make sure that I went running along the water early in the morning before the crowds came in - Best. Idea. Ever. I headed out just a little after six in the morning and the run/photo shoot was easily one of my favorite moments of the trip (if only I could have gotten Emily and Amy out of bed to accompany me). It was already pretty warm, but not hot, and being right next to the water made it a little cooler. I first took a ton of photos because I couldn't help myself and I wasn't sure how soon people would start wandering about, seeing as there are plenty of hotels lining The Riverwalk. After I ran I had to go grab my camera again and get a few more photos of some of the places I ran by. It really is so pretty and so charming. I loved it!

Again, sorry that there are so many photos, but I really couldn't pick just two or three. Enjoy!

This little Mexican restaurant is the most photographed part of The Riverwalk, and where Emily, Amy and I ate lunch.

This is the stage where they filmed the swimsuit competition in "Miss Congeniality."

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  1. I haven't been to San Antonio in years, but I don't remember it being so beautiful! Haha... You really captured it. I adore the pictures with the colored umbrellas - amazing!