Soltice Canyon Hike

Last Saturday Tyler and I went for a quick two mile hike/walk up the Soltice Canyon Trail in Malibu to a little waterfall- or two or three. We invited Jordan and James and the babes to come with us and it was a lot of fun. When we got up to the waterfall we discovered that a huge mansion was once built there, but it burned down in one of Malibu's famous wildfires. The remains indicated that the house was HUGE though, and the family had used the waterfalls as a water source both inside their home,and outside with numerous fountains and pools.

Here are a few photos of the trail and a couple of the falls we saw.

There were signs along the trail that said beware of rattle snakes so I was kind of freaked out walking to close to the brush on either side of the trail. Tyler and James kept making it worse too, but I managed to step off the trail enough to get a photo of this random bathtub. I didn't get too close though cause I didn't want to find a snake party inside of it!!

I took a photo of these flowers because they reminded me of the flowers I painted on a card for my mom Mother's Day that I thought I had made up- I guess I'm really just a genius :)

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  1. SO beautiful! I am becoming a big hiking fan, actually... I know, me? Right? It's crazy, but it's kinda fantastic! :)