Last week I turned twenty-five. I know that means to to some people that I am still just a baby, but to others, and myself, I am soooo old. Lucky thing I can't complain too much about my life so far; though I am not at all where I saw myself being at twenty-five even just five years ago.

Because Tyler is the best husband this (and that) side of the Mississippi, he made my 25th birthday weekend one to remember. On Thursday (my actual birthday) I was able to get off work early and, after discovering a new swimsuit I ordered online had arrived (yay summertime!), we headed up to Malibu where Tyler had reservations for us at MoonShadows, a swanky seafood restaurant right on the water. We ate outside and the food, weather and pelicans flying by were all magnificent. Then we headed over to my favorite Italian gelato shop, Grom, before heading home to watch the end of the Lakers game, in which we ended the Hornets playoff run :)

The beach. Gorgeous.

On Friday and Saturday I spent some time relaxing at the beach (my favorite thing to do!), and then Saturday evening Tyler threw me a BBQ birthday party at his mom's house. The day was perfect and we even busted out some water balloons for the kiddies and me to play with. Tyler did an excellent job on the food and he let me decorate with streamers and balloons, which I love, so it was pretty much perfect. Not to mention all of my wonderful friends and family who came to help me celebrate and those who weren't able to come, but who shared a message in my birthday book!! I love you all!!

More streamer decor on Sunni's stable and fence. She recently had the gardeners put in some pretty summer flowers. I think they were a perfect addition to a summer-y BBQ party!

Tyler ended the nite by giving me a brand new beach cruiser and he did a fabulous job picking it out. I love it!! But I still love him more :)

The cruiser.

The Host, post-party. I think this was the first time Tyler sat down all day. Throughout the entire party I was constantly getting compliments on two things: What an amazing host Tyler was, and how good Jordan's coconut dip was :)


  1. Yay for coconut dip! Love the bike. It's adorable. I wish we could go cruising together (and sing "Cruising on a Sunday afternoon"), but neither of us has a truck. How would we move the bikes to the same area? I guess we'll just have to meet in the middle.

  2. that bike looks very 70's yeah? is that the kate spade one?

  3. ps i found your blog and i would never expect it to be called laugh it up. haha.