Ready to Run

Lake District, England (photo taken from my bedroom window)

I love running. I try to run on a regular basis, both to stay fit and to stay sane. One of my favorite things about running is the time I have to myself to just think/ponder. I love it. Lately (for the past three days), Tyler has gone running with me and I discovered that I love being a running couple too! Especially since I can still get all my thinking in due to ipods. Although, I will admit that often I run with my ipod to track my mileage and time, but I am secretly listening to absolutely nothing :) Sometimes I like to just listen to nature, or myself, while I run.

Anyways, as I was running this evening I was thinking about my surroundings and how location is everything. I always run better when I am running in a beautiful place. Beverly Hills/Century City is a nice place to run, but the park is small, the streets are busy and there are usually too many people around. I have always said that my favorite place to go running is along Hukilau Beach in Laie as the sun rises. It's familiar and quiet and gorgeous. I love how thick the humid air is, I love the smell of the ocean, I love the sand between my toes, I love seeing the sun floating in the water, and I love the sound of the crashing waves. However, I do have a few other places that I can add to my list of favorite running spots, including a new absolute favorite.

One, is along the country roads on the outskirts of Rexburg, ID. I know, what?!! I 'lived' in Rexburg with my sister Amy shortly after I graduated high school for a couple of months, and while I was there I ran a bit. I loved running in the early evening during the summer when it wasn't too hot, but just cool. I would run along the outskirts of of town breathing in all sorts of flower, dirt, grass and farm smells, which I loved!! The cows and horses were always very friendly too.

Another one is running through Hyde Park in London. While on my study abroad program in London, I had the opportunity to run here often since our home was only a couple of blocks away. I didn't always wake up early to go running, but when I did, it was awesome. I can't tell you how many mornings I wanted to run over to a bench and jump off of it just screaming for joy (and yes, I honestly had that thought, but I never did it). In the early morning there were less people in the park (although I crossed paths with Dr. MacFarlane a couple of times :), and I just loved that I could do a 2-3 mile run without ever leaving the park and without having to ever cross my path.

The last one I've added to my list is my new absolute favorite- the Lake District in England, once again, in the early morning as the sun rises. I think I have thought about running here just about every time I have gone running since. During our study abroad program we took an extended trip up to the Lake District. One nite we spent in a cute, little lakeside hostel. Luckily, I had packed my running shoes and clothes for the trip and I got up extra early to take a little run around the lake. All, I can say is, WOW! I almost want to start crying just thinking of it. It was just one of those moments when I just felt so blessed for my legs, my lungs, my body. I felt blessed to see, hear, smell, feel and taste the air as I ran. I felt blessed to be in England, to be in the midst of such beautiful creations. It was not my fastest run or my longest run, but I think it was my most exhilarating run ever. I am dying to go back!! I can't even begin to describe the bright pink flowers, the quaint country houses, the still lake, the mist hanging over the field, and the sun beginning to glint through the trees. Soooo, perfect!! And the silence- this is one of those times when I just listened to nature as I ran and I loved it. I can't say it enough- I loved it!! Best. Run. Ever.

If I am ever lucky enough to be in the Lake District in the spring again, you can bet that come 6am I will be lakeside- just running!! Until then, I will have to get use to running circles around Roxbury Park with the occasional early morning beach run in Hawaii; which really is pretty much perfect anyways :)

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