Happy Valentine's Day!

How cute is this "My Heart Beats For You" pillow case? I may just have to grab it for Tyler cause that's exactly how I feel about him!

I have to apologize to all the other women in the world today, because I have the best husband ever!! No, he did not surprise me with breakfast in bed, chocolates and flowers this morning. But he did make another early morning market run to help me find something that will stay in my stomach for more than a couple of hours. And he didn't complain about me waking him up numerous times in the middle of the nite because I was going to throw up or because I was having bad dreams and my back was in pain, again. I've been suffering through a horrible stomach flu for the past couple of days and he's been the best doctor, masseuse, shnuggler, and distract-er one could ask for. I think that's true love :)

So, Happy Valentine's Day Tyler! I love you to the next galaxy and back!!

P.S. If you follow the link there are several more really cute lovey-dovey gifts to peruse.

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  1. Now that's what I call a good husband! Glad you're starting to feel a little better. I got the flu while pregnant with Kali and know just how down right horibble it is. Get completely well soon.