Quick Photo Update

 New favorite game- chatting with himself in front of the oven. And I've decided a baby doing grown-up things (aka standing) is pretty cute because he just looks so tiny next to all our big furniture.
 We can't take enough baths around here. As soon as I pull W out of the tub, he crawls right back over and pounds on the side to let me know he'd like to get right back in. And I think those rosy cheeks indicate he'd already been in there for long enough :)
 W loved playing with Pa (and trying to play with his glasses) when he came to visit us last week.
 I still can't get over the swaddle hanging out of his mouth when he sleeps. He is just so darn cute!!
Monica came to visit us too! Good thing W likes her because I think we'll be seeing a lot more of her soon... :)

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