9 mos

21.5 lbs (still) & 29.5 inches

As of today, Winston has entered the fourth quarter of his first year and I think it's going to be a doozy. This little man is everywhere! I can't tell you how much joy Tyler and I get from watching him develop his motor skills. I'm going to keep this post short because last month was out of control, but I will list a few new things about him that we love.

  1. He lets go of things and stands on his own all the time- it's his new favorite trick.
  2. He walks around furniture and behind his walker, but hasn't taken any unassisted steps yet.
  3. He still loves to clap other people's hands together (including his sock monkey, Churchill's), but he won't clap his own hands yet.
  4. He loves Churchill and gets excited to give him shnuggles.
  5. Bathtime is the best. Splashing is the best.
  6. He knows to smile for the camera and kind of has a cheesy camera smile. So does Tyler...
  7. He likes it when I chase him around and tickle him from behind.
  8. Playing on Mom & Dad's bed is very cool. Especially when we 'throw' him against the pillows or bounce him...
  9. ...bouncing is very important. He bounces when he's standing and sitting, always.
  10. When we lay him down in his crib he makes snow angels super fast and smiles from ear to ear. I have no idea why.
  11. He communicates by saying 'eh' for everything, though it most often means 'Where did it go?', 'Look at that!', and 'Can I have that?'
  12. He waves, but only like Hitler.
  13. Strawberry yogurt solves all problems.
  14. He's eating a lot more table foods now and has figured out that it's important to swallow a bite before you take another one :)
  15. I wish I could describe all the faces he makes. He's very expressive now.
  16. He likes to explore his own room and I'll often find him pulling all the books off the shelf or rummaging through his toy basket on his own.
  17. He thinks it's really funny when he's upside down on the floor.
  18. He loves to give us love bonks- bonking foreheads together when we say 'I love you'.
  19. He talks constantly as he crawls around and is very good at D and T sounds.
  20. Oh, and that measuring cup he's holding in every photo? He discovered it about two weeks ago and hasn't been seen without it since. It's the only thing he's ever crawled around with and the only thing he cries about when you take it away.

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  1. He is so cute! I love that he carries around a measuring cup. That's adorable!