Jessie & Marcus are Married!

Jessie & Marcus Meteer

On Saturday Tyler's sister Jessie was married. We love both her and her husband, Marcus, and we were so excited to spend the day celebrating with them. The sealing was wonderful and Jessie was beautiful, of course. Getting to know Marcus' family was also a blast- they were all so friendly and fun and now I need to go visit Nanette's candy shop in Ohio!

The wedding reception was held at a friends house on the cliffs in Palos Verdes and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was like a little English garden party complete with croquet and mis-matched china. The day was more rushed than we anticipated, so I don't have any photos of just us or Winston with the bride and groom, but I think someone does so I'll have to try and track them down.
 Impromptu family photo at the reception- too bad it was so windy.

 My two favorite men! Gotta love the drool... Winston's I mean :)

The cute china and beautiful gardens in the background

Like I said, we had a lot of fun and we are so excited for the happy couple!

Kelly snapped this photo of Winston while we were waiting outside the temple. He's such a dapper dude :)


  1. beautiful photos! lovely blog.

  2. i'm so happy you got pictures from the wedding! it completely slipped my mind. love the family photo!! xLou