Space Shuttle Endeavour

On Friday the Space Shuttle Endeavour took its last flight on top a 747 jet around California and then landed at LAX. Soon its new home will be at the California Science Center and I'm excited to have a space shuttle so close to us!

Tyler was able to see it fly by a couple of times in Santa Monica and W and I managed to time our drive to the airport perfectly so that it flew right over top of us on the 405 freeway. I wasn't expecting to see it until we had actually made it to the airport and it completely took my breath away. It was so close and I may have teared up a bit :) After it flew over us we headed to the airport anyway and saw it fly by another two times before it made one final loop and landed right in front of us. We had a great view because we, like hundreds of other people, just parked on the 105 freeway which runs parallel to the LAX runways. It was awesome!!

The final fly-by

I wish W was smiling because he saw a space shuttle, but he's just smiling because he saw mama! Even better!

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