3 mos

 16 lbs. 5 oz., 25 inches
 I can't get enough of those eyes! And cheeks! And fuzzy hair!

Today Winston is 3 months! The last couple of nites both Tyler and I have been amazed at how big he suddenly looks in his crib. I miss that tiny little newborn, but at the same time I am loving his constant smiles and his interest in everything.

Right now Winston's favorites are:
  • standing up with his arms out like superman
  • shnuggling in mama's bed
  • taking walks in the stroller (especially if I smile and talk to him the whole time)
  • playing peek-a-boo with his diaper on the changing table (though we've learned that this is best done before the dirty diaper comes off... pee all over the place... )
  • reading books with mama
  • watching his daddy
  • playing with his pals on the play mat
  • kicking his feet straight up in the air
  • and, of course, those sweet, chubby hands
 The best toy in the world

Winston loves to stare at and suck on those tiny little fists and fingers more than anything else. And when they're not in his mouth or in front of his face they are either tapping carefully on his chest or grasping his swaddle, mamas hair, daddy's watch and everything else! I love how much he loves his hands!!

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  1. oh my goodness. What a cutie little chunk man! I'm coming to california for a week on Sunday so I would love to meet him if you have the time!