Daily Life

Winston and I have a good routine down now which consists of shnuggle time, running errands, walks to the park, keeping the house clean, napping (for W), eating, and of course playtime. A couple of weeks ago Tyler and I bought W a play mat. We had previously decided not to buy one, however, W loves to play on his back and I thought he might like to have something more interesting than the ceiling to look at. The mat has turned into a big hit over here! W will lay there and talk to his treetop pals all day and he can now grab onto those little critters and crinkle their wings and soak them in yummy baby drool. The other day I looked over to find the bird in one hand, the squirrel in the other and his feet happily kicking Mr. Owl to make him jingle. So much to do!! This play mat came with two other toys, a bird rattle and an apple with a mirror on it, but I thought I'd wait until he got bored with these guys and then switch them out to keep things exciting over here. I've also discovered that W much prefers tummy time on the little tummy pillow that came with the mat so he can look at the tree and other fun stuff beneath him. Money well spent!

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