Life Lately

Winston is much more interested in toys now, though you can tell his mind is ahead of his hand-eye coordination. He gets frustrated when he can't keep the toy in is mouth sometimes. He also keeps his feet up in the air whenever he's playing now.

 Winston enjoys tummy time on his tummy pillow and is soooo close to rolling over. In fact, he's starting to play on his side a lot more and he is a major wiggler. The last couple of mornings he's woken up with either a leg or an arm sticking out of his crib. Bumpers coming soon.
 Winston still loves standing, especially when we stand him up on the changing table right after we change him. Can you tell?

 I think he was also excited about his new seersucker pants. I think he's going to be a little preppy like his daddy :)
For about a week and a half now Winston has changed up his morning routine and right after he eats breakfast falls back asleep for about an hour. I usually just keep him with me and shnuggle. It's my favorite thing right now, and he almost always turns in towards my chest which makes it even sweeter!

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  1. Love the eye brows!!!!! And let's be honest those pants are too cute.