This Naked Squish...

 ...is 4 months old!! I know, once upon a time, I said I wasn't going to do monthly updates on Winston, but this is my journal and I've changed my mind :) So here's the update:
  • W is now 18 lbs. and 26 inches long
  • He rolls over both ways (the first official roll was October 14th from back to tummy and we haven't actually seen him roll from tummy to back, but we know he can do it)
  • He isn't as fascinated by his own hands anymore, but mama's hand is definitely cool
  • He talks a lot, especially in the morning. If he's not talking a sure way to get him to is to stick your finger in his mouth- no idea why. Also, he's very polite when it comes to talking; he never talks when someone else is talking and waits a minute after you're done before answering.
  • He is very into his toes right now
  •  He's pretty ticklish- feet, neck, armpits, and tummy!
  • When he's sad or a little scared (like when a fire engine flies past us with sirens blaring) he makes a turtle face- it is soooo cute and soooo sad at the same time!
  • He likes to read books
  • He still loves standing, and sitting in a big kid chair by himself
  • He's becoming very social and smiles back at everyone who smiles at him
  • He loves his blanket/swaddles and will immediately pull it up over his face when you give him one

  • He loves walks and watching cars
  • He loves wearing cardigans... or maybe mama loves him wearing cardigans :)
  • He has a pretty set routine now- sleeps 11 hours a nite, eats four times a day, and takes one, long afternoon nap.
  • He sleeps mostly on his side and loves to keep his hands up by his face, though he still rolls around and ends up with his head in a corner or at the opposite end of the crib at nite (we have become creeper parents and go in his room to stare at him sleep several times each nite)
  • He likes to shnuggle in mama and daddy's bed in the morning
  • He enjoys playing on his stomach...

...until he doesn't...
 ...and he just goes to sleep :)
 The end!


  1. He's growing up so fast! And we're missing it! I don't like it.

  2. He's growing up so fast! And we're missing it! I don't like it.