San Diego Day Trip

Monday I headed down to San Diego for the day to visit a few friends. I was hoping to "accidentally" run into my friend Whitney (from London) at the Mormon Battalion Historic site where she serves part of her mission, but unfortunately we did not cross paths so I will have to try again another time. I did manage to meet up with Amanda again, and we toured the Mormon Battalion site together.

I also grabbed breakfast and did a little shopping with Alyssa in the OC on my way down, which was great because she's heading back up to BYU on Friday :(

Tyler was working in the OC on Monday and I gave him and his colleague a ride down in the morning and thus needed to spend the entire day in San Diego. I ended up killing time by touring the first California Mission, Mission San Diego de Alcala, and wandering around Balboa Park admiring the architecture.

Here are a few pics from the day-

Irvine Spectrum Center:

The Irvine Spectrum Center is a huge outdoor mall where Alyssa and I met up for breakfast at 8:30am. Because it was so early the place was completely deserted and it was soo beautiful. I usually don't like malls, although outdoor ones aren't too bad, but I couldn't help but love the mall when no one was there. It was surprisingly peaceful :)

Mormon Battalion site:

Mission San Diego de Alcala:

Balboa Park:

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