3 Happy Years

Tyler and I celebrated our three year anniversary yesterday!! Of course, Tyler had to work, but since I'm still unemployed I lived it up by getting a massage after a nice long morning run and then I settled down to watch one of my favorite movies, "While You Were Sleeping," in the afternoon. Tyler had a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers for me when I came to get him (that he sent one of the new analysts to go pick up for him since he was so slammed at work....nice) and after we put them in some water we headed out to dinner.

A couple of months ago I was driving around near the airport and came across The Proud Bird restaurant. We decided to eat there for our anniversary because they have a small collection of old aircraft on the property you can walk around and look at and, best of all, it's located right next to one of LAX's major runways so airplanes are landing right next to you all nite. We saw everything from those tiny United propeller planes to the big British Airways and Virgin Atlantic 747's. If you know anything about Tyler and I then you will know we LOVE airplanes so it was awesome. As we were leaving the restaurant we found out that the tables next to the window have a headset that you can put on and listen to air traffic control during dinner too. Pretty cool, but we'll have to do that next time.

After dinner we headed over to Cold Stone for dessert. We thought about being crazy and running out for a late movie after that, but Tyler hadn't been feeling very well all day, so we just called it a nite.

Tyler asked me on our way home from dinner if it felt like it had really been three years or if it seemed like less time. I told him I felt like we had been married for at least seven or eight years, probably because we had done so much in just three years. We tried to figure out what the three best things we've done over the past three years were and, other than our wedding day itself, we both loved our trip to Boston and our trip to Paris. I also loved our time in Chicago (and would move back in a second :), but Tyler said a favorite moment for him was riding the Tower of Terror ride at Disneyland together. But really, I've loved it all because I love him!! So, Happy Anniversary to us!

Me and my pretty flowers. Our waitress was not a good photographer and Tyler wasn't looking so hot cause he was feeling sick, so we don't have a good photo of us together to share, but we'll work on it :)

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Andrew loves airplanes, I'll have to take him to that restaurant, he would love it!!