Bonaventure Cemetery

Alright, it has been almost a month since Tyler and I got back from vacation so I think it's time I finally wrap things up. There were a couple of other things we did that didn't really fit into the other posts. We saw the Yorktown aircraft carrier, visited Charles Towne Landing (where the first settlers actually settled), Bonaventure Cemetery, and several of Savannah's historic town squares.

We also ate a LOT. I wanted to try every Southern dish I could, but unfortunately I never had gator sausage, fried green tomatoes, or catfish. I've decided to save those for some future trip to New Orleans, along with jambalaya and gumbo. We (mostly I) did have hushpuppies (yum!), local shrimp and mussels, okra, grits, fried chicken, sweet potato pie (several different kinds), pecan pie, boiled peanuts (so sick!), and cornbread.

We found some really good places to eat and few....not so good places. Here's the rundown just so you know:

  • Hyman's Seafood (Charleston)- Sooooo good! And at each table they have a marker of which celebrities have sat at that table. Tyler and I ate here twice and sat where Barbra Streisand and Mel Gibson sat :)
  • Hominy Grill (Charleston)- Yuck, yuck, and yuck.
  • Toast (Charleston)- Good and cute little breakfast place. I really liked the sweet grits here.
  • Kilwins (Charleston+)- Best. Ice cream. Ever. They have several locations around the U.S., but they're mostly in the East/South and the closest one to us is Fort Collins, CO :( But if you get a chance to go you HAVE to try the raspberry sherbet and the Mud ice cream. They also have really good homemade fudge and caramel apples! I'm not even sure how many times we went here, but it was a lot!
  • The Lady & Sons (Savannah)- This is Paula Deen and her sons' restaurant. The food was fine, but nothing special. Tyler and I both think the food wasn't worth the price, so we say skip it.
Here are a few more photos for you to browse. I really liked Bonaventure cemetery cause it was sooooo pretty. It isn't super big, but it is old and overgrown and I'm positive it's been used in a thousand movies.

I also saw another one of those Indian carvings. I think I've seen four now.... so only like 46 more to go :)

Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery

Yorktown- I couldn't get the whole ship in one shot and I'm not sure why, but all these pictures turned out very blue :/

Front of the Yorktown

Gazebo and small clearing surrounded by oak trees at the Charles Towne settlement. It looked like a beautiful place to have a wedding reception.

Coastal trader ship replica at Charles Towne Landing

Colonial bowling in action

Peter "Wolf" Toth's South Carolina Indian carving at Charles Towne Landing

A pretty sunflower in the Charles Towne settlement (FYI: They had some palisade walls around the settlement which would have looked like those constructed for the original settlement, and somehow I didn't take any pictures of it. I'm kind of bummed, because they did look very cool. Very Pocahontas-esque :)

Fountain in one of Savannah's historic squares

Historic square in Savannah

Savannah church

Historic square in Savannah

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  1. I love Kilwins! We went there all the time when we lived in NC... miss it terribly. Glad to see you love it too!