Labor Day Weekend

Above photos taken at Monterey Bay

For the last weekend of summer Tyler and I took a little trip with our friends, Nick and Dyanna, up the California coast. We enjoyed....
  • Lots of country music (sorry Tyler)
  • Solvang, a small Dutch village
  • A tour of Hearst Castle
  • LOTS of scenery including coastal cliffs, a waterfall on the beach, and bird-poo covered ocean rocks
  • A Mustang convertible for the scenic drive
  • LOTS of fog and very cool weather (which sounds nice as I sit in my bedroom with the AC on for the third time this week. P.S. Other than this week we've used the AC only one other time since moving in in January.)
  • Yummy food and lots of sweets (thank you Nick for having a sweet tooth like me :)
  • Alcatraz Island, Lombard Street, the Golden Gate Bridge, & the Mrs. Doubtfire house in San Francisco
  • The Oakland Temple
  • Some tall Redwood trees
  • And, of course, good conversation with good friends!
And now for the photo tour; brace yourself, it's a long one.

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle's Neptune Pool

When we arrived at the entrance to the 250,000 acre Hearst ranch, it was cloudy and cold, but when we reached the summit where the castle stands it was bright and sunny, as we had passed through all the clouds on the way up :)

Ty and I in front of Hearst Castle

College roomies

Hearst Castle's Roman pool - my sister Sarah took a photo of this pool a few months ago and I've been wanting to see it ever since because I love the perfect reflection in the pool

One of Hearst Castle's bell towers - much of the castle is made up of parts of other buildings from all over Europe

Tyler and the Mustang - I would explain him if I could :)

Pretty poo-covered rock along The Big Sur

The Big Sur

Beach waterfall at Julie Pfeiffer Burns State Park along The Big Sur

The Big Sur road - I took Dramamine for the first time in my life and it made the drive wonderful :)

The Big Sur - with one of the iconic bridges in the distance

Alcatraz ruins - I thought this was the social hall for inmates, but apparently on Alcatraz inmates don't socialize, they just sit in a single man cell all day long, everyday.

Alcatraz cell - the tour was interesting, but still a little creepy.

Fisherman's Wharf residents enjoying an afternoon nap

Some of San Francisco's steep streets

Lombard Street

View of San Francisco from the top of Lombard Street

Our road-tripping pals, Nick and Dyanna, in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was cloudy most of our time in the city and by the time we got close enough to have a good view of the bridge it was getting dark. That, combined with me shivering as I took pictures, made for a blurry photo, and this is still the best photo of the bridge we got. Sorry.

The Oakland Temple - is was dark (obviously) and cold when we stopped here too, so the photos are blurry. The temple also slowly started to shut off all the lights when I was trying to take pictures, but it was still absolutely gorgeous and I loved it!! Cute little bridge, yeah?!

The Redwoods at Cathedral Grove - the forest was soooo beautiful here

View above the Redwood forest as we left Muir Woods National Monument

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