Happy 4th & Happy 26th

On Wednesday, Tyler's 26th birthday, I stuck 26 swirly-whirly candles in a yellow-cake cupcake with chocolate frosting (his fav) at the ward BBQ. I had the whole ward sing to Tyler and then he blew the candles out :) Note that not all the candles had been lit- I was a little hesitant to light all of them and then set a fireball in Tyler's hand. It's probably not good to light your husband on fire on his birthday, yeah?!

I realize this post is coming a little late, but since Tyler and I just took a week off to head to the blistering hot South, I never got to post about our busy and exciting 4th of July weekend. Over the three day weekend we had several visitors in town, although only a couple of them actually stayed with us, which is good since we live in a one bedroom apartment :)

My friend Monica and her husband, along with Monica's parents, were in town for a wedding. Monica and her husband stayed with us for a few nites and we spent time with them at the beach, getting ice cream, chatting over dinner, etc. They actually missed their flight going home and got to spend an extra nite with us too!

My friend Jordan's parents were in town as well. We met up with them Saturday morning so the guys could play a couple games of croquet while the girls chatted, and then we all headed out for some Thai food.

On Sunday, my roommate from freshman year, Amanda (who I haven't seen for about three years!!) came over to chat. She and her husband and two cute kids just moved from Philadelphia to San Diego, and I'm excited to have her not so far away anymore.

Me, Monica and Amanda- our mini freshman-year reunion. I don't think the three of us have been together since 2005 at the close of our freshman year in the dorms. Hopefully we don't go so long without seeing each other again, because I have some of the best memories with these girls!!

Tyler's sister also came into town Sunday, so Monday we did some family time and had a little mini birthday celebration for Tyler.

We went to beach a couple times, BBQ'ed with friends, hung out at the pool, went out to eat and get ice cream several times, watched fireworks, and celebrated a birthday. It was a pretty good Independence Day weekend if you ask me!

We ended up having guests in town from Thursday evening to early Wednesday morning. This post really doesn't give you a good idea of how much fun (or stress....) we had over the long weekend, but I'm sure you can tell we stayed busy!!

Tyler and I playing around while waiting for the fireworks show at Redondo Pier. Happy 4th from the Turners!!

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