Special Friend: Jordan

Last nite I received some wonderful news! One of my best friends from high school (well, actually elementary school to tell you the truth) Jordan Marie Williams, turned Green, announced that she, along with her husband James, daughter Eden and soon-to-be-son (Tyler James?), will be moving to Los Angeles. I AM SOOOOOO EXICTED!! We are both looking in the same area for houses/apartments and I believe it is fate that we are still best friends after all these years. The Greens should be arriving on the golden coast just after the New Year and I am seriously stoked knowing that I will already have a good (the best) friend there only a month after Tyler and I arrive.

Last nite when Jo told me she was moving to L.A. I was so giddy that I decided to do a special friend (haha, Jo you're special) post just for her. Actually, I think I'm going to make this more regular- 'Special Friend' posts every so often (you can thank Gilly for the initial thought).

So here goes -

Background: Jordan Marie Wiliams (Fatu, Hoochie, Jo, Whoa!, etc.) and I met in the sixth grade shortly after my family moved to Hawaii. I have very few elementary/intermediate/high school memories that do not include Jo, and keep in mind that is even with her living in Basel, Switzerland for two of our high school years. Some of my all-time favorite memories of Hawaii involve sitting around Jo's house/backyard wearing boxer shorts and a tank top and doing absolutely nothing (or sometimes trying to watch Steel Magnolias :) Most of the time I think Jo and I are two completely different people in every possible way, but that is perhaps what makes us such perfect friends.

10 things I love about Jo:

  1. Your grandma face

  2. Our awful, awesome match-every-possible-thing outfits in high school

  3. Driving together singing along to Avril or Dashboard in Kaydan or the Ranger (no power steering included)

  4. Your lengthy boy history- only you Jo :)

  5. Sleeping in late in one large bed with you and Li, and someone always ending up in "the crack"- also an important part of The Kate, Li & Jo Show (P.S. I think we need a reunion episode soon.... )

  6. Your poems (my fav)

  7. The way you eat pizza- scrape all the cheese and toppings off and just eat the slightly sauced bread and no, breadsticks aren't good enough

  8. You came from Mama Robyn & Papa Ned (Budge)

  9. Everything intertube, kayak and Hukilau related

  10. You, you, you! I love you!

Um, Jo, we need to get some more recent pictures of us together. I almost had to post some pictures of the nite we took a shower in the hose in your backyard.... Awkward.


  1. Definitely tearing up. You're sweet. Way excited to live by you again. :)

  2. Hey just ran into your blog via Linze's---
    So sweet! Who doesn't love Jordan? :)
    P.s. I am happy I get both of you fun ladies in my city! If you need any help figuring this place out, give me a call!