Last Goodbyes

Over the weekend I flew to Washington to attend my Grandmother's funeral. It was a short graveside service- sweet, peaceful, sunny, and with only a few tears. I'm happy knowing that my Grandma, after nearly 50 years, is finally with my Grandpa again.

Grandma Helen next to Grandpa Milton in her Scandinavian gold box.

Mo and her sisters doing the can-can the way Grandma taught them along to her favorite song “Nola” that was played during the service.

My cousin Mandi and I wearing our leopard print in honor of Grandma at the service.

The rest of the weekend was mostly spent chatting with relatives who I rarely have the opportunity to see, but absolutely love. I also spent lots of time reminiscing, shnuggling, hot-tubbing, and laughing with my mom and sisters, Amy & Sarah. Saturday evening the four of us drove out to some of the famous Washington Apple orchards together- there's nothing like eating a fresh-off-the-tree Red Delicious!

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