“Where do you learn stuff?!”

Over the past year Kate and I have been fortunate enough to do an inordinate amount of traveling and sightseeing. A by product of this has been Kate and I spending a lot of one on one time together in the car. Though we have been married for over two years, this has provided us with extra opportunities to get to know one another even better. Our car trip to Kirtland was no different.

While driving we passed over the Chagrin River. As we passed Kate read the sign on the side of the road but mispronounced “Chagrin”. I kindly corrected her. She was unfamiliar with the word and asked what it meant. I did my best (not that great) at an off-the-cuff definition (for me it is one of those words that I understand when I read or heard it and even use it in common phrases—“… much to my chagrin…”, but when asked to define it on the spot my tongue gets tied).

There was an unusual silence after my definition, so I looked over at Kate. She had this incredulous look on her face and responded with the quote of the trip: “Where do you learn stuff?!” Our back and forth continued something like this:

Me: (confused) “What do you mean?”
Kate: “You don’t read, you don’t study or at least hate doing it… like, how do you know anything?"

Me: (slightly taken aback/dumbfounded) “I don’t know… the Discovery Channel?”

Thanks for the vote of confidence , sweetie!


  1. I love this post. I can't vouch for the Discovery Channel's ability to expand one's verbal horizons, but I don't doubt that most of what Tyler knows is from DC. Well played.

  2. The appropriate response is: "I am a TURNER, hear me ROAR!"