One Fine Day. . . .

....is a brisk autumn day, a sweater & a scarf, a boat ride through downtown Chicago, hot chocolate, and Garrett's caramel popcorn from the pier. So many warm fuzzies!!

(Sears Tower.... aka the tallest building in America.)

(Marina City- one of the many buildings I studied at BYU.)

(One of my favorite buildings and a cool reflection of Marina City in it.)

(Sailboats docked at the famous Navy Pier.)

A few things about the architecture cruise:
  1. The Chicago River flows backwards. Impressive.
  2. The Sears (or Willis) Tower wasn't as striking as I expected. Maybe I need to visit the "ledge" to be wowed.
  3. There is a reason Chicago is called the "Windy City." It's soooo cold!
  4. I love the architecture here!

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