Road Trip!

So, I know I have been a little MIA recently, but I do have a good explanation. Kelly and I have just completed Road Trip 2010 and are finally chilling in mine and Tyler's one-bedroom, extended stay, Marriott hotel room. We have already started our Chicago stay out right by going to Wrigley Field for a Cubs game and then grabbing some delicious Chicago-style, deep-dish pizza for dinner.
P.S. The rooftop stands outside of Wrigley Field are really pretty cool!

Just a little re-cap though, our road trip began in Los Angeles, CA and ended in Chicago, IL. We never drove more than 9 hours in one day and spent the nite with various friends in various cities along the way. A big thanks goes out to Ashton & Brad Kelley, Jordan & James Green, Monica Stewart & the Edgley's, Stacey & Monte Fiala, and Emily & Ryan Johnston for a bed, food and good conversation. I would also like to thank the London Crew, Chelsea Turner, and Kevin Kelleher for additional good food and conversation. Kelly and I had a great trip and are lucky to have friends and family in so many places!!

Total hours driving: 33
Total miles covered: approx. 2,540

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  1. Kate. I had no idea you were such a blogger. I'm in.