"Oh, how lovely was the morning! Radiant beamed the sun above. Bees were humming, sweet birds singing, music ringing thru the grove,...." (Joseph Smith's First Prayer, Hymn 26)

Over the weekend Tyler and I drove upstate to see the church history sites in Palmyra and Fayette. I think the hymn above is the best way to describe how perfect Saturday was. Upstate New York has some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen!

We started the day off at the Hill Cumorah, then visited the Palmyra Temple, the Smith Farm and Sacred Grove, the E.B. Grandin Publishing building, and finally the Peter Whittmer Farm. We also saw the location of the Martin Harris Farm and Alvin Smith's grave site. Every place was just as beautiful as the next and I actually learned a lot as well. One of the walls at the Grandin building was an original and still had ink stains from back when the Book of Mormon original copies were published there; very cool. My favorite site, however, was the Sacred Grove; it really is so beautiful and so peaceful. We did cross paths with a skunk and a very skittish deer which livened things up though :)

It really was a wonderful experience to be at the sites where such important events in church history took place. I've been an awesome combination of crazy bored and insanely stressed the past couple of weeks; trying to come up with things to do to pass the time while worrying about where Tyler and I will live in L.A. and if I can get a job. Our trip to the country could not have come at a better time, and once again I am soooo grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord in my life. I couldn't survive without them!

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