A Few Things. . . .

This past week was Tyler and I's last full week in NYC together. I'm taking off Wednesday morning to Cali for a couple days before Chicago, and Tyler will be meeting up with me there Friday evening. We decided to make the most of our last week so we took a sunset Circleline boat tour around the southern tip of Manhattan, took another late nite cruise around the upper New York Bay with the JP Morgan crew, finally visited Lady Liberty and Ellis Island, relaxed at the beach for a bit and discovered an amazing Argentinian pizzeria. We still need to try and squeeze in a couple of dinners with some of Tyler's colleagues & friends and a visit to the Met, but our NYC tour is just about over and I'm soooo excited!

Sorry, I have no photos of the NYC skyline all lit up at nite; the boat was a speed-racer so all of my attempted pics came out blurry :(

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