Today I wandered around the streets of Williamsburg (north of Brooklyn Heights) looking for some antique/vintage goodies and found some real treats. I popped into Moon River Chattel and loved it. If I actually lived in NYC I would definitely want to decorate my home with some of their treasures.

Other shops I loved were Sprout Home- a darling plant boutique, Flying Squirrel and Sweet William- two adorable baby boutiques, Ugly Luggage- an antique furniture and home decor store, Aurora- a sweet little Italian cafe, and Whisk- have you ever heard of a fruit jacket? Cute.


  1. Yay! Glad to have your blog link now. Williamsburg has some cute stores. Next time you're over there check out Catbird on Bedford Ave. And you must have breakfast/brunch at Egg... sooo yummy.

  2. I want to come play in NYC with you. Let me know when you are free.