In the Heights

Tyler and I have now settled into our lovely Marriott Hotel room in Brooklyn Heights, NYC. We are just about a two minute walk from the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade so we have a wonderful view of Manhattan across the Hudson. The best time to walk along the river is in the late evening just as the sun is setting because of the heat wave here in NYC. We've had record breaking temperatures all over the city including a nice, warm 102 degrees recorded in Central Park. Luckily the hotel room is air conditioned and we have a pool :)

Tyler has had two fourteen hour days with JP Morgan so far, but the hours should come down once they get everyone sorted out. There are 209 new analysts in this training session; four from BYU and nine who will be going out to LA with Tyler afterward. Tyler hasn't had time to go out and see any of the city, but our first nite here we celebrated his birthday with a nice dinner and walked out to the promenade where we could see the outline of the Statue of Liberty at the mouth of the Hudson. When Tyler saw it for the first time he completely lit up! He was like a five year old boy getting his first baseball bat. Of course, he tried to hide his excitement and be cool, but I can see right through him. Except for the long plane ride, I think his birthday was a good one :)

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