Fam Bam

Tyler and I spent a few days with my family in Portland, OR for my Grandma's 90th birthday and then a few days in Rexburg, ID for my sister Sarah's wedding before we came out to NYC. It's been a while since the whole family's been together, what with 5 siblings spread all over the western United States and my parents living across the Pacific in Hawaii. We had a lot of fun and here are some of the highlights:

Being with my family-

Going through the Portland Temple with Sarah-

Seeing my Grandma, especially with all four of her daughters-

Visiting Craters of the Moon National Park in Idaho and walking through lava tubes with my parents (and the little small town diner where we got homemade scones; I think my Pa could've stayed there all week)-

Hanging out with the exclusive "cool club" (aka Tyler & Jay)-

Witnessing the marriage of Sarah and her lover, Justin-

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