The Rockaways & Coney Island

I finally found my retreat from the city- The Rockaways. Every time I see the ocean, and more specifically the beach, I cannot help but smile. A part of it is how much it reminds me of home, but I also just love, love, love the ocean. The Rockaways is a small beach on the southern peninsula of Queens. Although a good part of it is still very much city, a small portion has been saved for me! There is the sweetest little east coast community (complete with street names like Coral Reef Way, Meridian Blvd., and Catamaran Way) just across the street from the beach and there were almost no people on the beach. I loved it and I loved the way the sounds of the waves crashing on the sand lulled me right to sleep.

A day after I discovered The Rockaways, I decided to see what else New York had to offer in terms of beaches and headed down to Coney Island- failure. Coney Island is an awful beach. Not only is it packed with tourists, but it is an incredibly dirty beach. I know I'm a beach snob (I blame Hukilau), but it was REALLY bad. The rides are nothing, even when compared to the Haleiwa Beach Spree, the food is expensive and soooo unhealthy, and the water/shoreline are just plain dirty (notice I didn't even bother to post any pictures of the actual beach).

What I'm trying to say is, if you need a beach retreat from the city, go the extra mile(s) and head out to The Rockaways :)

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