Sweetberry Farms

 I really don't want a picture in the pumpkin patch... please, can we stop taking pictures... here's my puka!

We drove out to Marble Falls, TX (where all the marble & granite quarries are) last week with our neighbors to go to Sweet Berry Farm. We played around the pumpkin patch, did a hay ride & a barrel-train ride, fed the goats, pet the horses, picked some flowers, and played on the moon bounce. I like being out in the country where pumpkin patches are legit in the fall.

 We LOVED the moon bounce!
 We did not love the goats...
 There were over 100 goats though and they were surprisingly clean.
 W's new buddy Grant who lives across the street from us. He is three months older than W, but W gets so excited to see him. Obviously, they were too busy chatting to look at the camera.
 Driving the tractor (Grant's older brother, Ford, is in the background)

The farm has huge strawberry fields you can come pick from in the spring, but right now they have these colorful flowers. You can pick and take home as many as you want for $3.

P.S. W does not have a bloody nose in these photos, just a beat up nose from a face plant on the asphalt a few days earlier.

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