Daytrip: Waco, TX

 Friends forever!

Yesterday Winston & I grabbed Monica & Nathan and headed north to Waco, TX to meet up with our friend Aubrey and her kids, Colton & Lucy. They are currently living in Frisco, TX but will be moving to London for 8 mos. starting in November, so of course we wanted to meet up with them before they leave the country. Waco was about half way between us so we met up there, grabbed lunch and then wandered around the Cameron Park Zoo. Waco seems like a pretty random place to me, but if you ever happen to be killing some time there, go to the zoo. It was awesome and we basically had the zoo to ourselves, too.

It was W's first zoo trip and I'm not sure he totally understood that the animals he usually sees in books were real, but he still had fun looking at them and playing with Colton on the playground. The zoo had just about every animal you would want to see in a zoo and the animals were surprisingly close to us! Kind of scary, but cool. I think W's favorite was the leopard who was literally inches away from him and Colton staring through the glass. My favorite were the two bald eagles. I don't think I've ever seen one before and they really are magnificent! I really wanted W to see a lion because he loves growling like a lion and pointing to them in books, but it was the last exhibit we went to and W fell asleep in the stroller minutes before we got there. I would have woken him up, but the lions weren't even out, so next time.

I also loved getting to have several hours to chat with Aubrey and Monica. I miss being able to hang out with these girls (and a few others) all the time like we did freshman year. It's one of those groups of girls where I feel like everyone has grown up and experienced so many different things, but we're still the same old friends with so much to talk about. We can't wait to see Aubrey and her family again next summer when they come back!

 Group photo
Winston & Lucy passed out- the sign of a successful outing :)

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  1. I had so much fun! Thanks for coming up. I love the picture of Winston and Lucy! It cracks me up!