Sunday Afternoons

Sunday afternoons are quickly becoming my favorite part of the week. Our ward meets at 9am, which means W gets home just in time for his nap at noon and usually sleeps for 2-3 hours. It is so nice to come home, relax and then go on a Sunday afternoon drive or spend some time in the backyard as a family. I'm still getting used to having Tyler around on Sundays, but I love it! Yesterday afternoon it was the most perfect weather, so we spent some time watching W run around the yard chasing balls and barking at the neighbors dog. Best ever!

Cutie little boy
 Two balls are always better than one... (this is W's barking face)
 He always crouches down and throws his arms back when he's getting ready to throw, or getting ready for someone else to throw :)
 Working on his soccer skills
Haha, I love this photo! Have you ever seen a more serious walk?

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  1. This reminds me of Tyler's Frankenstein walk...Feel free to ask him to demonstrate!