Hawaiian Vacation Part III: One Last Time

Most of our time on Oahu was spent hanging out with family playing games, talking story, chasing Winston around the yard etc., but we did manage to make a few beach runs. Winston LOVES the beach! The very first time I tried to take him in the water he was a little hesitant, but after that he loved walking in the surf, playing in the sand, and splashing in the waves with daddy. 

On our last trip to the beach, while Tyler was walking with W in the surf, a blue-bubble washed up and stung the top of Tyler's foot. The sting actually does hurt quite a bit, so while Tyler tried to rub the tentacles off of him I grabbed W and brought him up on the sand to avoid him getting stung, but I could barely hold him there few a few seconds because he wanted to get back in the water so bad. It was probably about 15 minutes later when we were playing on the sand that I noticed W had a big red welt across the top of his foot too. He hadn't even made a peep! Apparently he was having too much fun to be bothered by a little sting. Awesome baby!!

We also made a trip out to Waimea Bay so Tyler could jump off the rock, finally. I did get a picture it his jump... but only his legs and feet because I couldn't see the camera screen in the sun. Sorry :(

 Having fun at Waimea 
Post blue-bubble sting and he clearly didn't seem to mind.

Like I said we spent a lot of time hanging with the fam and W loved all of the attention. A couple of other highlights for Tyler and I were getting the last Ted's pie for a long, long time :(, eating Hawaiian BBQ chicken and teri-beef from Ted's Bakery, going to the water park with Jenny and Ben (until Jenny and I smacked our heads on the side of the Volcano tube), visiting Tyler's Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt, going for a bike ride together, watching W discover bubbles for the first time, and going to the Hawaii temple. It was a good last trip and I wish I had taken more photos, but we were just too busy having fun! I'm sure going to miss it though :(
Playing in the yard with these people was a highlight for W. Another highlight was only wearing a diaper for most of the trip since it was unusually hot that week.

 Probably my favorite photo from the whole trip- he's just soooo chubby and cute standing there.

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