11 mos

  Winston's stats: 23.5 lbs, 30 inches, 7 teeth
My sweet blueberry-eyed boy 
W was squealing with excitement before we even left the store with this ball :)

Winston is such a busy boy these days and he is just so much fun to be around. There are so many things he does that we find absolutely adorable right now. For example, the way...
  • he spends most of the morning wandering from room to room telling elaborate stories with exciting hand gestures.
  • he yodels, which sounds like him just saying, "durdle, durdle, durdle..." over and over again.
  • he is so attached to his swaddle- takes it everywhere, shnuggles it, sucks on it, plays with the tags, and absolutely MUST have it in order to sleep.
  • when I pick him up for a nap I always give him a huggle for a minute and then he sits up and points to the rocking chair, because that's where I give him a bottle :)
  • he points to anything he wants or he's showing me, which is really helpful and cute.
  • he loves any and all forms of peek-a-boo (or Where's Winston).
  • he gives lots of high-fives, waves, and friendly pats.
  • he shares with us all the time. And when he offers us his swaddle we know it's true love :)
  • he rushes to my side and leans his head on my arm or leg when the sirens or garbage trucks outside are a little loud.
  • he gives us lots of sweet kisses and head bonks.
  • he loves being outside and playing in the grass.
  • he also loves climbing stairs and anything else he can.
  • he tosses things behind him when he's no longer interested or it is in his way.
  • he gives me a cheesy smile- head tilted back, eyes squinted, nose scrunched, and all teeth exposed :)
  • he lounges with one arm over the back of his chair or one foot propped up on the table while in his high-chair.
  • he loves to be chased.
  • he squeals and giggles when he's happy.
  • he is falling in love with balls.
  • he uses a spoon (and is quite good at it too).
  • he looks toddling around on Sunday in his dress shorts, white shirt, combed hair, and bow tie :)
  • he lays his head on our shoulder and wraps his chubby, little arm around our necks when he's ready for bed or a nap.
  • he falls right to sleep when he lay him down at night :)
  • he pushes my hand out of the way when I'm trying to test the temperature of the water in the bath because he wants to play with the water. Or when he pushes my hand to the side on bike rides so he can hold the leather handle. Or when he pushes my hand away when I try to help him out on rough terrain. He's very independent and likes to do things by himself and his way.
  • he pushes the stroller all through the park rather than riding in it.
  • he sways a little when he walks.
  • he runs too fast and falls forward laughing.
  • he literally freaks out with excitement when daddy comes home.
  • he makes faces and talks to himself in the mirror.
  • is so curious about everything.
  • he loves reading books.
  • he gets really excited when throws something far.
  • he is really into emptying... anything. It's just fun to pull everything out.
  • he is so squishy and shnugglable!

 Just walking through the park, waving to everyone

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