Birthday Celebrations: Part II

On Sunday afternoon Tyler's family came over to celebrate with us and watch Winston eat his Winnie-the-Pooh cake- we used the same cake tin Tyler's mom used for his first birthday cake and just like Tyler's, the eyes and nose were raisins. In the video of Tyler's first birthday the first thing he did was carefully pick the raisins off and eat them. Raisins are W's favorite snack right now so, of course, he did the same and dad could not have been more proud.

Unfortunately, most of the photos we took Sunday afternoon came out really blurry and I can't get the video of him with his cake to upload. Just know that W loved his gifts and was just as cute as ever!!

 Opening gifts from his brand new cousin Coco. The green car has been a hit!
I'm not sure if it's me or W who has more fun playing with the Tobbles from Kelly
Tyler & I gave W a seersucker suit for his birthday that he wore to church that Sunday. I just wish we had gotten a better photo of all of us...


  1. Happy Birthday Winston! I'm having a hard time believing it's been a whole year since he was born.

    ps: where is that dress from?! You look amazing!

  2. love that last picture of you all. what a darling family!

  3. You guys are too sweet! Erinn it's actually a peplum shirt I'm wearing with an orange skirt. The shirt I bought from H&M about three years ago.