First Haircut

Today Winston got his first haircut! Last week Tyler kept mentioning the wispy hairs hanging over W's ear; the same ones that had been bugging me the week before. He still doesn't have a lot of hair, but I know from my brothers' and from Tyler's complaints that most little boys are irritated by those wispy hairs on top of their ears, so we decided to trim them. Winston sat pretty still, sucking on his rubber ducky, while I snipped them and now he is a clean-cut gentleman again :) I tried to get a good photo, but those hairs really were quite wispy, so it doesn't look much different. To compensate I've included cute photos from the bath that followed :)

 Before & After
W's favorite thing to do in the bath is suck water out of his washcloth :)
 So fresh & so clean!
 And if you make a crawling babe wait too long to get dressed...
...he'll find something better to do :)

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