Aspen 2013

Our little ski family (aka Tyler's dream)
  Everyone except the parentals on the mountain (Lindsay, me, W, Tyler, Jessie & Marcus)

Last week was spent in Colorado for the annual Turner Ski Trip. We drove 16+ hours there and back and W was a champ both ways. He was perfectly content to chill in his car seat and play and/or sleep for the duration of the drive. Unfortunately, the drive in was a still a little tense due to the non-stop rain and crazy, dense fog, but we made it safe and happy.

 Some gorgeous views of the Snowmass mountain
It snowed for a large portion of the week, but by Thursday & Friday we saw some sun. I was really nervous about skiing since I'm still a beginner and I didn't ski at all last year, but thankfully I did okay. The very first run was a little sketchy, but in my defense the snow was a little chewed up so I think that contributed. By Friday I was feeling a lot more confident and I did a few, fun runs with Jessie and Lindsay. I did fall once... while standing still in front of the lift. At least I wasn't flying downhill, so there was no serious physical injury :) I also dropped a pole while we were on the lift and we had to go chase it down, and later I ran into the metal bar in the ticket stalls when I thought I was clear to go ahead. Clearly, I'm an awesome skiier :)

Proof that I was actually on the mountain and wearing skis at the same time :)
  Even though she is prego, Jessie skied and even did some jumps and some moguls. Hardcore.

Tyler and I both skied half days a couple of  times so one of us could be with W. I think it worked out okay, but next time I would like Tyler to ski a lot more since he seriously looks forward to this trip all year long. Jessie was also a big help and watched W a few times so Tyler and I could either ski or run out to the hot tub for a bit. We even managed to squeeze in a date to Pizza Hut (romantic, I know) one nite.

Papa, Daddy & W hanging out in the ski locker room
 Giving my little Squish a hug after skiing.
  I just can't get over how cute he was in that little cozy sack!

We had a lot of time to sit and tell stories, we played Disney Trivial Pursuit & Ticket to Ride, wandered the shops in Aspen, watched a couple of Lakers game (there's no escape), ate lots of yummy food, and lounged around in cozy sweats everyday. W loved all of the attention from the fam and, of course, the big highlight of the week was him crawling, so I'd say it was a success! All in all, it was a quiet trip compared to the usual chaos of Turner ski trips, so we thoroughly enjoyed it.
 W all bundled up. He was confused by the mittens and would occasionally hold up his fist (no thumbs on baby mittens) and stare at it :)
Naturally, we have matching long underwear... why wouldn't we?!

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