Swaddle Love

Winston has grown up soooo much in the last month! He is constantly moving and yesterday he sat up all by himself for the first time! It only took him about 30 seconds while he was on his stomach to swing his feet around and slowly push himself off the floor. He teetered a bit the first time he pushed off, but the second time he found his balance and was sitting!! I started cheering when he made it, so, of course, he instantly realized how cool he was and was very proud the rest of the night :)

He did it again this morning (lots of cheering followed again) and then after he ate some big boy food, he drank his bottle almost completely by himself for the first time. I LOVE seeing him learn new things because I know he is loving it so much too.

Lately he has just seemed like such a big boy that I sometimes forget he is still my baby... until I see him sleeping. There is something about a sleeping baby that is so, very baby. Especially since W is very attached to his swaddle and has taken up the habit of sucking on it while he naps. Sooooo cute and so, very baby. I'm kind of obsessed with this half baby/half little boy phase!

 My sweet babe
 If you can't tell he is up on his knees (and there's some cute baby cleavage too!)

I sat up all by myself!!

W's seven month check-up is next week so I'll wait till then to give a more formal post of everything else he's up to right now.

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