6 mos

While we were in Hawaii Winston turned 6 mos old. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by with him. Recently Tyler and I were wondering why we hadn't attended an event last June and after thinking about it for quite some time, we realized it was because we were in the hospital having a baby! We kind of just feel like he's been with us forever. Lately I've had a bad case of shnuggle-itis, and about an hour after I put Winston in bed I just want to go pick him up and shnuggle close for a bit. He is just so sweet :)

Our little gent has accomplished quite a bit in the last month:
  • He sits all by himself
  • He reaches for us and tries to pull me close if I am sitting next to him and he wants to be held
  • He eats solid foods and his favorites are carrots, green beans, & bananas (and he does NOT like plain rice, so luckily he doesn't seem to have inherited his daddy's taste)
  • He rolls everywhere and can spin and shuffle backwards across the floor
  • And he has discovered more uses for his vocals cords- he squeals and fake coughs a lot
Winston's personality is coming out a lot more now. He is very perceptive and likes tiny details. He will flick a tag or pick at a stitch or button for a lot longer than he will bang his toys on the floor.  He also likes mirrors, walks & watching cars drive by, his daddy, kisses on his tummy, and his swaddle. He still sleeps with his swaddle pulled up by or over his face, likes standing, singing songs (Itsy Bitsy Spider & Jingle Bells are favorites right now), his hands, and he is still very ticklish. I swear this kid laughs and smiles more than any other 6 month old. Oh, and a sure way to get him giggling is to bounce him up and down on the bed :) He is sooooo happy all the time and we absolutely love him!

20 pounds 28 inches

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