7 mos

19 lbs. 12 oz. & 28 inches

Winston is now seven months old and quite the little man. He has grown up soooo much in the last month. Apart from moving and talking constantly, he is so much more interactive and it's fun to see him learn. He actually understands us when we tell him no and he understands when it's time to sleep, eat, play, shnuggle, etc. We are absolutely loving the stage he is at right now and I'm just trying to enjoy it as much as I can before he moves on to the next.

Here are a few things about Mr. W right now:
  • He really likes eating solid foods and his favorites are carrots & pears
  • His armpits are crazy ticklish
  • He has two tiny toothbuds poking through on the bottom
  • He can push himself into a sitting position by himself, and is often sitting in his crib waiting for us to come get him in the morning now
  • He is still obsessed with his swaddle and falls asleep sucking on it
  • He smiles almost 24/7
  • He mostly rolls to get places, but can scooch backwards on his tummy and scooch forwards on his bum
  • He is still very squishy :)
  • He still sleeps 12 hours a night and usually takes an hour long nap two or three times a day
  • He likes to shnuggle with mama, and will make his way over to me and then grab hold of my leg when he wants a hug
  • He loves to play with his dad and kicks his feet and pumps his arms when he sees him
  • He does not like avocado
  • He loves opening the blinds and looking out the window in the morning
  • He still likes walks and watching cars
  • He likes to swing at the park and watch the other kids
  • He likes to sleep on his side with his arms and legs curled up around his swaddle
  • He thinks dropping his toys is cool
  • He is kind of obsessed with my wallet even though he has never played with it. He also seems to like watching his stroller when he's not in it. Since they are both bright red, I think it is safe to assume that red is his favorite color.
  • He has some awesome shin fat (Tyler's fav)
  • He likes to grab at noses and eyes
  • He loves reading books and turning the pages
  • He is very good at growling, making happy squeals, and purring
  • He is oh, so adorable!! See for yourself:


A look at those sweet chunky thighs from the back :)


  1. Winston looks just like you in the 4th picture. Its like he's saying eh????