Last nite Tyler and I carved a pumpkin together and I think that is the first time we've ever done that together. We are way behind in life, apparently. The good news is our Jack is a cutie, but the bad news is that Tyler is a pansy. Yes, it's true. He made me take all of the "yucky" stuff out of the pumpkin by myself cause he was too grossed out by it, and he said the smell of fresh pumpkin made him feel queasy. What?! Pansy.

No worries though, I'm a pro and got him all cleaned up- not to mention the smell just makes me think of my family carving pumpkins together :) We messed up one of his eyes a little, so he may look funny, but I just wanted to make sure he had a HUGE smile, cause I wanted him to be a happy pumpkin.

Me pulling the guts out- Tyler was probably making retching noises.

Tyler making fun of Jack's bad eye.

Me & Jack.

Glowing Jack (sorry he's a little blurry).

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  1. I'm with Tyler on this one- pumpkin guts are gross.